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G45 Christmas All members Party

Merry ChristmasI hope Everyone have a Great Holiday!!Today I'd liked share this cute houseplease enjoy!!Thank you iso much!!StoryI always wanted to make all G45 Christmas Collection together and make a special Party which I want to attend,I am going to bring lots of present to all members.I was so happy to make this and I was dancing with Penny.lolI hope all of you like this!Thank you so much an...

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Hello and Good morning everyone日本語ご希望の方はこちらへHow are you?It's getting cool inJapan nowBut I am very fine and smile every day lolToday I'd like to share this " Love Sweets"I made for next year EVENT TAKASHIMAYA department store in YokohamaIt will open 6th~12thSelling my project works and do workshopSoIf you are interesting please visit me lolThis is one of my selling stuff Thank you so...

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Happy Christmas Holiday

HelloAfter Thanksgiving day BF you may tired so...get little relief from this cute one lolI'd liked to share this Christmas Card and Album I hope you like thisThis Graphic 45 Christmas Magic is sooooo CUTE!!I made many projectPlease enjoy!!Thank you so much!!If you have a chance and you are in Japan now.....you can make this in my event from tomorrow see you in YOKOHAMA横浜港北モザイクモールYokoha...

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皆様こんにちはいよいよ 今週の木曜日から始まります横浜 港北モザイクモールのクリスマスイベント11月22日木曜日、23日金曜日、24日土曜日10:00−20:00はい、ずっとおります。皆さんどうぞお越しください。そして楽しいワークショップをご一緒に!!こちらの写真の作品をワークショップでお作りいただけます。事前予約はありませんので、お好きなときにどうぞ!簡単に作れるものからちょっと時間のかかるものまでたく...

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