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3iyuyui3 Happy Birthday House https://t.co/ixYtzRL8k9 @YouTubeより 07-01 17:40 https://t.co/yX73Fr6t4oペーパークラフト/happy-birthday-house/久しぶりにブログアップしましたーよろしくお願いします。^_^ 07-01 17:00...

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Alice's Jewelry House

HelloHow are you?It is so fine day today in Yokohama Japan Winds are so comfortable!!Today I'd liked to share this Alice's Jewelry HouseYou put on your desk and just put your today's jewelry and just put your tomorrow what you are going to wearSo convenience lol....This is supply I usedThis new pearl are so beautiful!!And I splay gold on red rose it became chic and shiny I love!!This is simple How...

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G45 Bloom my Recipe Book

Hello Hello,HelloLong time not seen you!!I miss you so much!!Today , I'd liked to share this cute Book and caseYes ,this is new staples from Graphic 45pocket AlbumATC-Matchbook BoxThis item come together is so nice I love so much!!I am going to make many difference series At first I made this recipe bookUse 8' pad go to perfectI hope you like this tooThank you so much!!...

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3iyuyui3 横浜阪急モザイクモールにお越しいただき、本当にありがとうございました😊2月のイベント、二つとも無事終了しました。これから教室開催の準備です。皆さま、よろしくお願いします。^_^ https://t.co/VRWJQrzJa8 02-27 22:03...

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G45 Christmas All members Party

Merry ChristmasI hope Everyone have a Great Holiday!!Today I'd liked share this cute houseplease enjoy!!Thank you iso much!!StoryI always wanted to make all G45 Christmas Collection together and make a special Party which I want to attend,I am going to bring lots of present to all members.I was so happy to make this and I was dancing with Penny.lolI hope all of you like this!Thank you so much an...

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