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Secret Christmas Box and Party

Hello everyoneHow are you?Today's project is Christmas Box I think this is really cuteSo you will enjoy I hopeFirst this is Your house's door in Christmas season Grab the Nob and slowly openwhat can you see?Yes there are Mr.Santa's home, Advent Calendar, Snow Theater and present BoxesIs not Fun??you can see more detailhere you go!I put Advent Calendar in side of shelf こちらに内蔵型のカレンダーが...

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Fortune Cookie mean Fortune Macaaron

こんばんは  Hello!今日は秋日和でお天気もよくて Fall seaen atmosphere is so comfotble お出かけされた方はきっと楽しい時間を過ごされた事でしょうさてきょうの作品は Today's project is Your Fortune Macaronおうちでパーティーなどされた時の When you have a party you will give a small present to the Guestちょこっとした This is a Idea for the small giftびっくり箱です like a little "Jack i...

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こんにちはみなさんお変わりありませんか?今日は今晩の10時にこちらのGraphic45ブログにupされる作品をちょこっとお見せしますね詳しくは10時ころ (正確には11月13日日曜日の10時以降)こちらをクリックして下さいではお楽しみにね...

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Big Challenge!

Good eveninghow are you?Today I did big challengeThat is 3 projects work shop to 30 people within 30 minute !!each design for 10 people and same time!What do you thinkThis is sampleThen this is kits for 30 people Why Happened this workshop?Yes I was on One of Big NWES PAPER last yearAnd my neighbor was so curious about my projects and work shop Then they asked me to have a 30minute mini work shop ...

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Happy tote

みなさ〜〜〜ん Helloこんにちは Everyoneお元気でしたか?How are you?はい、私も元気でしたよ Yes, I am very fine長い間、留守にしていましたね So sorry I couldn't up such a long timeでも、何処へも行ってないのですよ I am not out of townあっという間にもう、10月ですね but.... it is alredy Octoberハロウイン、サンクスギビング、そして Hallowen,Thanksgiving and Chiristmasクリスマス年末 End of Yea...

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