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Summer Tote

こんにちはHello昨日も今日もとっても気持ちのいいお天気ですねThese day are so comfortable ベランダから吹いてくる風が心地いいですNice wind coming to my gardenそして今日は去年発表させて頂いたHappy Toteの夏バージョンですねToday I'd liked to share this Summer Toteきっとお出かけのおともにLet's go shoppingいいのでは風にふかれてプラプラしています持ち手は今回はゴールドにしましたお花もしっかりスプレーしてち...

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ATC Case with Secret Window?

Hello hello hello!!I am very fine!! How about you?I'd liked share this new ATC Purse todayI hope you like this and enjoyこんにちは!1ヶ月ちょいぶりの更新になりました4月のホビーショーは楽しかったですねそして続くゴールデンウィークは皆さん、楽しまれましたか?今回の作品ATCのケースバッグの第2弾ですねこんな感じですI made Happy Tote last year then this year I made this small tote for ATC I wanted to make...

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おはようございますこんにちはこんばんはHello everyone, how are you?先週の金曜日にI am so happy to choose Grand Ambassador 2017-18Grand Ambassador に選ばれてとっても嬉しいyuyu3ですみなさまもご機嫌いかがですか?きょうの作品はThis is my new project こちらVintage Hollywood ATC card holder 2017バック型のATCカードホルダーにしてみました去年はアリスのBOOK型でしたね今年はハンドバックの様にしてお持ちくださ...

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My Powder Room ♡ Graphic45 Portrait of a Lady

HelloHow are you?This is my new projectMy Powder Room ♡ Graphic45 Portrait of a LadyAfter CHAI made this perfume boxinside of box it is real perfume are there yes ANASUII wanted put it together Graphic45 Portrait of a Lady and Pearlalso this is powder room so it need mirror Do you like ?I hope you enjoy this Thank you so much!!こんにちはおまたせしました新作のMy Powder Room ♡ Graphic45 Portrait of ...

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Midnight Masquerade Fashion Doll

Good morningHelloGood eveningHow are you?Back from CHAIt has already been Marchshock....I am very Fine and my family tooToday, I will show you thisMidnight Masquerade Fashion Doll with maskPreparing to go to a ballShe has to chose an address, a bag, pair of heels and a mask Yes we do same thingsfront of the mirror this one or that one then can't decide Finally dress up ready to go the ballhere we ...

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