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おはようございますこんにちはこんばんはHello everyone, how are you?先週の金曜日にI am so happy to choose Grand Ambassador 2017-18Grand Ambassador に選ばれてとっても嬉しいyuyu3ですみなさまもご機嫌いかがですか?きょうの作品はThis is my new project こちらVintage Hollywood ATC card holder 2017バック型のATCカードホルダーにしてみました去年はアリスのBOOK型でしたね今年はハンドバックの様にしてお持ちくださ...

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My Powder Room ♡ Graphic45 Portrait of a Lady

HelloHow are you?This is my new projectMy Powder Room ♡ Graphic45 Portrait of a LadyAfter CHAI made this perfume boxinside of box it is real perfume are there yes ANASUII wanted put it together Graphic45 Portrait of a Lady and Pearlalso this is powder room so it need mirror Do you like ?I hope you enjoy this Thank you so much!!こんにちはおまたせしました新作のMy Powder Room ♡ Graphic45 Portrait of ...

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Midnight Masquerade Fashion Doll

Good morningHelloGood eveningHow are you?Back from CHAIt has already been Marchshock....I am very Fine and my family tooToday, I will show you thisMidnight Masquerade Fashion Doll with maskPreparing to go to a ballShe has to chose an address, a bag, pair of heels and a mask Yes we do same thingsfront of the mirror this one or that one then can't decide Finally dress up ready to go the ballhere we ...

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2017 Planner Book with Writing Bureau

みなさまHelloeveryoneHow are you?本年も何卒よろしくお願いします今日はI made a 2017 Planner book with writing Bureau? or Book shelfこちらのプランナーブックですライティングビューローまで作っちゃいましたまずはあけましておめでとうございます今日はもう12日なのにね!yuyu3 遅ーいすみません全体はこんな感じです机の上に本棚みたいに置いてそこに今年のスケジュール帳=プランナーブック?置きたかったのですもっ...

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Happy tote

みなさ〜〜〜ん Helloこんにちは Everyoneお元気でしたか?How are you?はい、私も元気でしたよ Yes, I am very fine長い間、留守にしていましたね So sorry I couldn't up such a long timeでも、何処へも行ってないのですよ I am not out of townあっという間にもう、10月ですね but.... it is alredy Octoberハロウイン、サンクスギビング、そして Hallowen,Thanksgiving and Chiristmasクリスマス年末 End of Yea...

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