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Alice's Jewelry House

HelloHow are you?It is so fine day today in Yokohama Japan Winds are so comfortable!!Today I'd liked to share this Alice's Jewelry HouseYou put on your desk and just put your today's jewelry and just put your tomorrow what you are going to wearSo convenience lol....This is supply I usedThis new pearl are so beautiful!!And I splay gold on red rose it became chic and shiny I love!!This is simple How...

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Hello and Good morning everyone日本語ご希望の方はこちらへHow are you?It's getting cool inJapan nowBut I am very fine and smile every day lolToday I'd like to share this " Love Sweets"I made for next year EVENT TAKASHIMAYA department store in YokohamaIt will open 6th~12thSelling my project works and do workshopSoIf you are interesting please visit me lolThis is one of my selling stuff Thank you so...

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If Alice was in Bolero

If Alice was in BoleroI love the ballet "Bolero" very much!Then I wanted to make the stage with many chairs This is from topLooks so simple but from the sideYou can see many storyWhat I really wanted to do isthis one STOP ANIMATIONAlmost every detail you can see from this videoAlso inside of this stage has Music Box of cause "Bolero" I add so many detail is there Can you find?This project, you ca...

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Halloween and Christmas Ornaments

Hello!日本語はこちらへHow are you Long time to not see youSorry!!I just finished my big event on September 6thThis event was supported by YOKOHAMA city and many Department Sales came to see and find new venderSo, I did big my bestToday I'd liked to share of Halloween and Christmas ornamentsFirst one is Halloween ShrineI painted new wayIt makes automatically RustI love this paintI add emboss tooDo ...

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Idea is always in your Drawers

Imagination is coming from my heart and heart has many drawers I think so....This is my imagination where come from IDEA of project !!こんにちはお元気ですか?今日は台風で風と雨が大変でしたが、皆様のおうちは大丈夫ですか?今日、お見せするのは先週に行ってきましたミックスメディア イベントに持参しました作品です。当日、Graphic45のブースに飾っていただいて幸せでした。最後には、ちょこっとですがイベントの...

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