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Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

Hi, this is yuyu3's blog welcome!
Today I'd liked to share my new projects

this is it

Enchanted Forest Storybook Album







you can see each side of the pages are just look like a copper( may be Only me? )
Also this story book is not pop-up, this is already pop-up book lol...
please see a dragon wings and legs

Moving City Scapes is several cites are moving when you turn the wheels channel









also you can add your photos on the trail together too
When I saw this series I got an idea immediately before I get the papers
Something fun and happy things, I always thinking of it , then it happen
I made postcards holder too
you will get a lot of letter from your friend(it is me) you put in this

Communique “My Secret Office”

I made a doll house look like a lunch box so I made a new name
That is Lunchouse!
This My Office is….Yes I have to whisper because I am doing in secret call….
I have a weekly reminder book which just look like a phone
This phone has 7pages for monday through sunday
I made 3 drawers, what inside? there are pens, films and my portfolio yea,inside of center drawer….lol
I made already this Lunchouse with Children’s Hour series
and I am going to make a different series
Kitchen and Dinners with Home Sweet Home, Coffee Shop with Raining Cats & Dogs ,Camping car with Good Ol' Sports and more
It is so fun just imagine What I am going to make
That is why I love the G45 papers, every time make me so Happy!
Thank you so much all member of G45ers!!













and you can make this

Check out How to Graphic 45 "Communique My Secret Office" by Yumi Muraeda on Snapguide.

have a fun!

Voyage Beneath in the sea caves

I loved a sparkling and shining
This is under the sea, night time, water bubbles are sparkling from the moon light then Beneath starts whisper in the your ear
you don’t to tell me which her story…








I was so enjoying these new G45 series

Thank you so much and Thank you so much to visit my blog I hope you wii be a happy


≫ ペーパークラフトアーティスト『Muraeda Yumi Paper Arts World』のHPへ


Charee Filimoehala

Yumi, your work is so amazing! What incredible projects you come up with - your imagination amazes us! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with the world. We are so honored you submitted for our Design Team! Happy Papercrafting, Charee and Joanna from Graphic 45

2016.03.25(Fri) 02:39       submissions@g45papers.com さん   #-  URL       

Re: Charee Filimoehala

Hi,Charee and Joanna
Thank you so much!! I am so happy what I got your word!!
See you on the boat at Florida!!

2016.03.25(Fri) 09:02       yumi muraeda さん   #-  URL       

No title

Amazing projects, Yumi! Congratulations making the top 30. Good luck in the next round!!

2016.04.01(Fri) 22:11       Annette Green さん   #-  URL       


Congratulations yumi Great work and wonderful designs best of luck for the round two submission

2016.04.01(Fri) 22:12       Andrew roberts さん   #-  URL       

No title

Yumi - you are a pro!!!! It's unbelievable what you do with paper - Enchanted Forest Album is so amazing!!!:) Hope you make it for DT!!!

2016.04.01(Fri) 22:28       Gibonik さん   #-  URL       

No title

Yumi - you are a pro!!! It's awesome what you do with paper!!! The enchanted forest album is sssoooo amazing!!! Hope you make it for DT:) Cheers:)


Loved, loved, loved your work....
Nothing more to say, just be admiring...
Congratulations from Brasil.
Best regards
Andrea Teixeira

2016.04.02(Sat) 00:40       Andrea Teixeira さん   #-  URL       

No title

I Love your work :)

2016.04.02(Sat) 07:30       Guest さん   #-  URL       


These projects are incredible! I love your work!

2016.04.02(Sat) 08:58       Pam さん   #-  URL       

No title

Congratulations on making the Top 30! Your work is lovely :) Wishing you all the best! xoxo Aneta

2016.04.03(Sun) 07:30       Guest さん   #-  URL       

No title

Hi Yumi , Congratulations on making the top 30! I know what you are feeling right now! I am in love with your mermaid pieces! It will be exciting to see everyones' final submission. Good luck to us all for the second round! Hugs Helen x

2016.04.03(Sun) 21:55       Helen Allen さん   #-  URL       

No title

Fabulous and beautiful projects! Love them all! Congratulations on top 30 pick. Best wishes and good luck!!

2016.04.15(Fri) 01:20       Guest さん   #-  URL       

No title

Oh goodness Yumi!! Your projects are so fabulous. It was so great to meet you on the cruise. Best of luck in the finals.

2016.04.15(Fri) 01:41       Guest さん   #-  URL       

No title

Congratulations on making the Top 30!
Lovely projects :)
Good luck in the final round:)
Greetings, Padoriaa

2016.04.17(Sun) 20:44       Guest さん   #-  URL       

Re: No title

Thank you so much!!
I am so happy to be here again!!

2016.04.24(Sun) 09:37       yuyu3 さん   #-  URL       

Re: robaw6@hotmail.com

Thank you so much!!
Yes I do my best!!

2016.04.24(Sun) 09:38       yuyu3 さん   #-  URL       

Re: No title

Thank you so much!!
Yes I hope it is happen!!

2016.04.24(Sun) 09:39       yuyu3 さん   #-  URL       

Re: No title

Thank you so much!!

2016.04.24(Sun) 09:40       yuyu3 さん   #-  URL       

Re: panutting@gmail.com

Thank you so much!!
I love all G45 papers,That is make me so happy !!

2016.04.24(Sun) 09:41       yuyu3 さん   #-  URL       

Re: congratulations

Hi, Andrea Teixeira
Thank you so much see me from Brazil!!

2016.04.24(Sun) 09:42       yuyu3 さん   #-  URL       

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